True prosperity is a product of significance.

In our profession we notice every day that the “drivers” of your company are not that easy to put into words. Fortunately, someone else has already done that for me.

Usually you do not look so deeply in your own head, or you are not completely on the same line as your partners. If someone else knows how to put something striking on paper, something that you actually wanted to say yourself, then you can only be very grateful.
I am pleased with what Umair Haque is putting into words here. We see our added value in making your organization more meaningful. That is our leverage. Umair explains it nicely in his Significance Manifesto. We can already reveal the conclusion: “Let’s roll up our sleeves, toss yesterday’s tired, toxic assumptions aside – and get started. True prosperity is a product of significance ”.

Read The Significance Manifesto here >


Bas van der Paardt (The Hague, 1963) studied at the University of the Arts in Arnhem (Graphic Design) and a blue Monday in Nijmegen (Communication Sciences). In 2011 he followed a Mastersprogram in Brand Management (MBM) at the European Institute for Brand Management in Rotterdam.

Since 1990, Bas has been pocked and trapped at various agencies, such as design agency SODA (founding partner), digital agency Y&R Netfactory (creative director), and advertising agencies FHV / BBDO (design director) and RedCell / NotJustFilm (creative director).

From ID + AD onwards he develops brand concepts and advises and trains service providers on the intersection of business strategy, branding, design and communication. Bas has been awarded more than 20 national and international awards.